Friday, December 24, 2010

A Rundown

It's 11 am Christmas Eve morning and I've already been running crazy. Here's why:

1. At 7 am, K informed me AS HE WAS LEAVING FOR WORK (yes! on Christmas Eve!) that he needed money to finish shopping for me and I needed to get it to him before noon. Ugh.

2. Got up at 8 (lacking a bit of motivation, aren't I?) and I colored my hair (yay!) which is now a lovely shade of dark brown. I always thought that I'd be happier with a lighter hair color, but I am truly enjoying having darker hair. But I digress...

3. Showered, dressed, and instructed children to clean house or Santa wouldn't come and then left at 10 to run errands.

4. Went to bank, couldn't get PIN to work (did yesterday at Sam's Club!), went IN to bank, withdrew money, got to talk to my favorite teller :)

5. Drove to dealership, gave K money, left

6. Went to post office to pick up gift from Sister (thanks L!) - thankfully no long lines

7. Drove to Albertsons to buy cleaning solution for carpet cleaner because my stupid dog thinks that peeing IN the house in the rec room is much better than outside WHERE SHE IS ALL DAY LONG. On a side note, Albertsons (parent company for Jewel for my midwestern family) is open until 9 PM TODAY. It's Christmas Eve! I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Who in their right mind would be shopping at that time of night on a holiday? And, yes, I know that some people don't celebrate Christmas, but if you know that the stores are going to be closed, wouldn't you do your shopping at an earlier time? Are these people really going to be inconvenienced because the store closes at 5? Seriously. That's just irritating.

8. Got home, children NOT cleaning up instead watching TV. Santa ain't coming, ya'll. That's a fact.

9. Finally sat down to eat a piece of toast only to have 13 year old yell up that his BRAND NEW LIGHT BULB for the gecko has burned out. It's been two days, folks. Guess what I get to do? That's right! Head back out and go to the pet store, because the gecko can't live without it's warming lamp for too long. Between the dog that pees, the fish that kept dying (yes, I now have an empty tank), and a gecko that needs a heat lamp, I'm thinking a pet rock sounds pretty darn good right now.

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! Apparently I'll be cleaning and running errands...

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